Gaia GPS for iOS version 10.7

Gaia GPS for iOS version 10.7 boasts several great fixes, and offers a better alternative default map source to display in place of an unavailable main source.

In the past, the MapQuest OpenStreetMap source displayed in lieu of an unavailable map selection. Now, the the in-house GaiaTopo, based on OSM data and stylized with the Gaia GPS user base in mind, acts as the default fallback source instead.

Other important updates include:

  • When you choose to remove a map source from the Layers list, a warning gets displayed if you have downloaded maps associated with it (because deleting a source deletes the downloads too).
  • Some map preview icons didn’t display properly in the past, but that got resolved in this version
  • Fixed folders sync issues that occurred if the app got backgrounded during a sync
  • Fixed an occasional Apple Watch crash that occurred when viewing track stats
  • Fixed issue causing waypoints with custom names to assume an auto-name designated by the app when edited or moved

We’d love to hear from you at with your feedback about the new version, and if you have any feature requests, chime in on the Gaia GPS Community Forum and let other users vote and comment on your idea.