Apply to be a Part-Time Gaia GPS Tester

We’re hiring a part-timer to test new releases of Gaia GPS. For this role, you must be an experienced Gaia GPS user, and you can work from anywhere.
Perks and Pay
  • $15/hour to start – number of hours varies
  • depending on what devices you already have, you’ll be given iPhones, iPads, Android, and perhaps an Apple Watch to test on
  • you’ll get to experience new features before they go live, and give feedback on how to make the app work better overall
  • fine Gaia GPS apparel!


This role requires patience, attention to detail, and experience with Gaia GPS. Your QA work will supplement testing by the broader beta test groups, helping to ensure new bugs don’t get introduced along with new features.
Your work will be like this:
  • before a new release, you’ll execute a test plan that includes a checklist of functions in the app to execute
  • you’ll help improve the test plan(s)
  • you’ll thoughtfully consider what parts need more testing beyond the stock test plan, based on what features/updates occur in the given release

Apply to be a Gaia GPS Tester

If you are interested, please send an email to, with the subject line: Gaia GPS Tester. Write an email that includes:

  • how much experience you have with Gaia GPS
  • any relevant experience, such as testing other apps or software
  • any other comments on why you’d be good for this role