Trimble Outdoors App Sunset—Info on Migrating to Gaia GPS

As of April 1, 2016, Trimble Outdoors has cancelled all mobile apps, including the MyTopo hiking app, the Cabelas hunting app, and all other titles. According to their support page, the apps have been removed from the App Store, and users will have some time to keep using the maps and back-end services.

We welcome anyone looking for a new outdoor mapping app to Gaia GPS.

Importing Data into Gaia GPS

You can import your waypoint and track data into Gaia GPS by exporting GPX files from your Trimble apps, and then importing them into Gaia GPS:

If you have any questions otherwise, we have extensive documentation and videos to help.

Free GaiaPro Offer for Trimble Users

A single-time purchase of the Gaia GPS app compares directly to what a recurring Trimble subscription provided. This includes:

  • Downloading topo and satellite images for offline use
  • Track recording
  • Photo waypoints
  • Free data backup and sync with

In addition, we’ll provide a a free year of GaiaPro to any Trimble refugees that write in. This may be useful to users who want hunting and property ownership overlays, or the ability to merge topo and aerial imagery into layered maps. You can read more about GaiaPro at this link.

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Gaia GPS Satisfaction Guarantee

We value the happiness of our customers, so you can always get a refund for Gaia GPS for any reason.

We also appreciate your feedback on how we can make Gaia GPS better for you. Get in touch with us anytime with questions, comments, or suggestions at

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