Route-Planning and More for GaiaPro Subscribers on

It’s a big day for GaiaPro, which is extra-special because Gaia GPS is also being featured today on the homepage of

GaiaPro subscribers can now make routes and waypoints on (in addition to printing maps). Also, GaiaPro subscriptions now work seamlessly across iOS, Android, and the website, and GaiaPro subscriptions can be purchased conveniently everywhere, too.

Screenshot 2014-02-19 11.20.55

The GaiaCloud website is a free resource, which anyone can use. With or without a GaiaPro subscription or app purchase, the website displays great topo and aerial maps of around the world, lets you browse and download public GaiaCloud trails, and upload and share your tracks and photos.

Beyond that, I can also say the  best is yet to come. We’re going to keep improving the website, apps, and GaiaPro add-ons, and we have our biggest releases of all coming for spring 2014.