New Android Update, beta release

We just shipped a new Android beta release for Gaia GPS, which you can download here. We’ll roll these changes out to the main app later this week.

This update actually wasn’t as much work for us as some of the last few, but we think you may notice this one more than the others, regardless. It includes a route-making & distance measuring tool, which is even better than our iOS version. I’d call this the Berlin Wall in terms of unifying Gaia GPS feature parity across iOS and Android.


We also added some other very visual features, like showing thumbnails for tracks in the Saved list, and the ability to change track colors by pressing those thumbnails.


You can probably find some differences between our iOS and Android apps now, but the two apps are essentially the same from here. The Android app shines in some respects (like map speed and route-making) that we are going to have to go back and play catch-up on iOS now, too.