Meet Zach Irvin

Zach first came to Gaia GPS as the primary Adventure Support staffer in early 2014, but more recently switched over to working with the engineering team, doing QA on app releases.

Zach wanders around Texas testing Gaia GPS, and also creates and executes manual test plans. Zach’s work is a key step in the QA of Gaia GPS, which also includes automated unit tests on the source code, and a thriving beta test community that vets each release of Gaia GPS for iOS and Android.

Zach earned his bachelors degree in English from Sam Houston State University, and joined the PhD program at Texas A&M University. Zach is currently on deferment from A&M, while he raises his new daughter. Zach lives in College Station, Texas with Hazel and wife Ruthie, another Gaia GPS staffer we’ll profile in the weeks to come.