iOS update for 3 apps – iPhone 6 Plus support and more

In response to the release of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, as well as the iOS 8 update, we’ve launched updates to all three of our iOS apps this past week which include some general fixes and overall improvements.

Gaia GPS 9.1.3, Offline Topo Maps (OTM) 5.0.2, and our marine navigation app Skipper 2.0.2 are all derived from a common code base, so most of the changes made apply to all three apps. Also, the OTM code is now fully up to date with that of Gaia GPS, meaning the In-App upgrade functions more smoothly than ever.

To see a full list of the changes made to each app in their respective updates, or to complete the update, check out the App store from your device or visit the the iTunes page for:

– Gaia GPS 9.1.3
Offline Topo Maps 5.0.2
– Skipper 2.0.2

Many thanks to all of you that have written in with valuable bug reports and feature suggestions. Your feedback has helped us make Gaia GPS, OTM, and Skipper what they are today, and we love knowing that our labors of love serve users of all types from backpackers and hunters, to scientists, search and rescue teams, ATV riders, and more.

If you have ideas or suggestions for us, please visit our Idea Forums. There you can submit ideas and vote/comment on existing ones. This feedback helps us make decisions for future releases, so your input counts!

– Visit the Gaia GPS & Offline Topo Maps Idea Forum
– Visit the Skipper Idea Forum

If you are experiencing issues with our apps:

1. Check our Knowledge Base for detailed explanations on many features, including step-by-step screenshots. (Vast improvements to the Skipper Knowledge Base coming soon.)

2. If you don’t find your answer in the Knowledge Base, please contact support. For the fastest service, please include details like device type, operating system and Gaia GPS version information, along with a description of the issue you are experiencing.