iOS update for 3 apps – No more background battery drain

We had a few kinks to work out in our iOS apps, Gaia GPS, Offline Topo Maps (OTM), and Skipper, since the update to iOS 8 took place. The primary concern addressed across all 3 apps since Apple’s release of the new operating system was the high battery usage due to the GPS sometimes not being disabled while the app was backgrounded.

The newest version of Gaia GPS, 9.1.4, fixed the broken Facebook login that was causing a lot of users’ syncs to to fail. We also cleared up Skipper’s continual chart download issue, and made it possible to deselect unwanted charts again.

To see a full list of the changes made to each app in their respective updates, or to complete the update, check out the App Store from your device or visit the the iTunes page for:

Gaia GPS 9.1.4

Offline Topo Maps 5.0.3

Skipper 2.0.3

If you have ideas or suggestions for us, please visit our Idea Forums. There you can submit ideas and vote/comment on existing ones. This feedback helps us make decisions for future releases, so your input counts!

– Visit the Gaia GPS & Offline Topo Maps Idea Forum

– Visit the Skipper Idea Forum

If you are experiencing issues with our apps:

1. Check our Knowledge Base for detailed explanations on many features, including step-by-step screenshots. (Vast improvements to the Skipper Knowledge Base coming soon.)

2. If you don’t find your answer in the Knowledge Base, please contact support. For the fastest service, please include details like device type, operating system and Gaia GPS version information, along with a description of the issue you are experiencing.