Gaia GPS Ratings are Groovy

I apologize if this sounds overly prideful, but I think our App Store ratings really demonstrate the extent to which we listen to our users, and have steadily worked to make Gaia GPS better over time.

If I remember right, Gaia GPS v1.0 was rated at 2.5 stars after launch subsided. Over time, as you can see in the screen capture from iTunes, our average ratings has become 3.5 stars. And our latest release averages 4.5 stars – spanning 10% of our total reviews.

When you have criticism and bad reviews from users, it makes you feel bad, and if you get too much, your software might really suck. But sure enough, if you just listen a little bit, and work on what they want, instead of what you fee like, then users will like your software better.

Get rid of what bugs them, and they will start to appreciate what you were trying to build in the first place.