Gaia GPS for Android Update

We had another furious week of work, and we ended it by pushing a new update for Gaia GPS for Android (5.3.3). The version is available now and has several improvements related to routing and downloading maps.

  1. better controls on Downloads screen (long press items for options)
  2. tap near active route to change what route point you are guiding to
  3. improved routing UI
  4. delete saved maps fast and reliably
  5. fixed incorrect compass readings in landscape orientation (also fixed course-up arrow in landscape)
  6. other bug fixes

2014-01-31 17.20.52

We also had a bunch of changes on the GaiaCloud website this week, including a topo map with public trails.

Have a great weekend!

1 thought on “Gaia GPS for Android Update

  1. Ronald Verheij

    I found this app Far too expensive for an Android app in Beta development.
    I Have this app a year in operation for the iPhone, there it works great. The Android version is a disaster on my Galaxy S3 LTE, very slow

    build-up map and downloads (HikeBike 91mB takes six hours in WiFi area). The battery consumption is too high, a 7 km walk. used for 22% of

    the battery, similar offline map apps like ViewRanger and Locus use only 8%.(running at the same time)

    I regret this expensive purchase.


    Ronald Verheij

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