Gaia GPS 5.0 is Live

We are excited to announce the next major version of Gaia – 5.0. You can get it on iTunes now.

This release includes many improvements, including NEXRAD weather radar, new controls for displaying map layers, larger map buttons and popovers on iPad, and many other great changes. In addition, you can now import KML into Gaia, though this was a server side change and not really part of the 5.0 release 🙂

If you are a current Gaia user, check it out and give us a nice review if you like it! If you aren’t a Gaia user, now’s a good time to start! We also released similar updates to our free apps, Gaia GPS Lite and Offline Topo Maps, but we are still waiting on Apple’s approval for those.

I’d also like to give a shout-out to our long-time partner EarthNC, who set up and maintains the radar server we are now using in the app. If you are a boater, make sure to check out EarthNC Marine Charts, which is much better on the high seas than Gaia!