Colorado Game Management Units (GMUs) for hunters in GaiaPro

We added another layer for hunters today, showing GMU outlines and labels for Colorado. In honor of the US Government firing up again, and the National Map coming back online with it, here is a screenshot showing GaiaPro with the National Map, overlaid with Public Land and Colorado Game Management Units.

As with the other overlay layers, this one is available in Gaia GPS under “Add More Layers…,” but you will need a GaiaPro subscription to make the most use of it. If you are following these blog posts and I sound like a broken record about the GaiaPro thing, it’s because people will search and find these posts later, and not read the whole series about the hunting layers.

Here’s a look at the GaiaPro layers menu:


We now have all of these layers for hunters:

We’ll get this all working on Android as soon as we can too!