Browse the maps of Gaia GPS online

Visitors to will notice a new link in the header: the Maps page. One of the most common requests we receive is for a way to preview our map sources, and that’s exactly what the Maps page lets you do: interactively explore the various maps included with Gaia GPS, right in your web browser.

If you’re thinking of buying Gaia GPS but aren’t sure if it has the maps you need, now you can check them out. Or if you own Gaia GPS but are on the fence about subscribing to Gaia Pro, the Maps page also lets you view the Gaia-Pro-only map sources, including MapBox cloudless satellite and street maps, and the hunting overlays.

And if you’re a happy Gaia GPS user and want to turn your friends and family on to the app, linking to the Maps page is a great way to give them a taste of what Gaia GPS has to offer.

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