Bear leads a chase in Alaska, Gaia GPS shows the way home

We got an epic email into support today. We’re glad Gaia GPS helped in this precarious situation!


My buddy and I were doing a bear hunt in south-central Alaska. We were in pretty extreme mountainous terrain than involved a horrendously thick multi-hour bushwhack to access. Basically, we pursued a brown bear much longer than we should have.


It began to get dark before we even began our descent back into the mandatory bush-whack. It wasn’t long before it became pitch black, and we became lost and disoriented in the thick alders and spruce forests. My friend, being a “traditionalist,” didn’t believe in using such tools as a GPS. I did not think we would be hunting in this exact area, but I pre-downloaded some maps on the Gaia GPS app before we left in the morning.


Knowing we were completely lost and running out of energy (we also didn’t bring our tent as we expected to be back before dark and wanted to travel light) I opened up the app hoping that our location was somewhere on the fringes of one of the maps I had downloaded. After receiving a few “GPS returned bad coordinate” messages, I tried one more time and our position showed up! We were in a completely wrong place, but with the Gaia GPS app in hand, I was able to guide us out of there.


We made a lot of bad decisions that night, but having the Gaia GPS app saved us from a long, cold night; or worse. $20 is a small price to pay for something that can save your life.