Backpacker Magazine Correction

In the June issue of Backpacker, the magazine incorrectly reported on the features in Gaia GPS for iOS. Backpacker claimed that Gaia GPS did not sync user trips between devices. This false claim was made in an infographic, which attempted to compare Backpacker GPS Trails favorably to Gaia GPS.

We wanted to post this correction on our website to get the maximum exposure. Here is the infographic, properly corrected. You can probably tell why Backpacker wouldn’t want to print it this way:

When we contacted them, Backpacker let us know they would correct this in the online version, but they did not say they would print a retraction. So unfortunately, all of Backpacker’s print subscribers will be left with false information. Here is the original, bogus graphic:

I want to end this on a personal note. Before I went into programming, I almost became a reporter, after working at my college paper as news editor, and then editor-in-chief. It makes me sad that a publication as venerable as Backpacker can’t be bothered to check facts, nor to print corrections when they are appropriate – this type of anti-journalism wouldn’t have happened even at my college rag.

I think Backpacker’s editorial missions has been corrupted by the urge to sell their own apps, and the publication is not a trustworthy source of information about apps for hiking. Buyer beware.

One thought on “Backpacker Magazine Correction

  1. Rob

    Andrew, your first mistake is assuming that POS waste of paper has something to do with journalism.

    If you had gone into advertising instead, you would have recognized it for what it is, a paid circular. Kind of like those “magazines” and “guides” you see in racks in motels. It’s pretty blatant; I’ve run across what must be bogus “reviews” of other gear.

    I’m sure you can find other ways to get the word out about your products. Good luck.

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