Skipper, an app for NOAA Weather, Charts, and Tides

We are delighted to announce the release of Skipper, an app for boaters that does NOAA charts right. You can download Skipper from iTunes now.

I won’t go into all the things that make Skipper unique and awesome in this blog post, but you can read our pitch about our iPad NOAA charts app on, and of course on iTunes. I will say that we spent a great deal of time on this app, and a lot of the innovation you see herein is also slated for version 8 of Gaia GPS. We re-imagined our iPhone and iPad UIs fully, and integrated a number of cool new weather, tide, and route-making improvements. We also did work on our core mapping tech, to display clustered markers for ActiveCaptain data, and to process native NOAA charts on the device. This work opens a lot of possibilities for Skipper and Gaia both.

We’ve priced the app very inexpensively to start – just $0.99 for a basic online chart viewer, and $11.99/year for a full-featured offline chart plotter – which works on all your iPads and iPhones seamlessly (and even use Skipper on the web at This makes Skipper the most inexpensive, feature-complete chart plotter app on iTunes – you can find cheaper apps, but not that do what you want. Skipper also lets you test drive all the features and data before subscribing, which we think customers will appreciate greatly.

We consider v1.0 of Skipper a starting place. If you are a boater, please send us your feedback at