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Drafting the App Store Preview Video for Gaia GPS

Apple recently started letting developers include 15-30 second “Preview” videos on the App Store. Check out the latest drafts of our video for Gaia GPS. Email us at and let us know what you think! We’re polishing this a bit more, and also putting together an iPad variant. You can also view an even earlier version of the video. We simplified this… Read More »

New Map Sources Added to GaiaCloud Site

Anting, our new summer intern, has been very busy lately sprucing up the GaiaCloud website.  Anting added new map layers to the GaiaCloud preview screen so you can now view your tracks and waypoints on Mapbox OpenStreetMap, Mapbox Satellite, OpenCycleMap, and USGS Topo maps! GaiaCloud’s log out was also a bit unreliable before, and now… Read More »

Gaia GPS: A Labor of Love

We recently ran a code counting tool on our iOS source code, because we were trying to estimate how long rewriting our Android app will take. Since the numbers are mildly interesting, I thought I would share the results on the blog. Gaia GPS and related apps end up being about 70K lines of “real”… Read More »