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Drafting the App Store Preview Video for Gaia GPS

Apple recently started letting developers include 15-30 second “Preview” videos on the App Store. Check out the latest drafts of our video for Gaia GPS. Email us at and let us know what you think! We’re polishing this a bit more, and also putting together an iPad variant. You can also view an even earlier version of the video. We simplified this… Read More »

Are you a writer who uses Gaia GPS? We’re hiring a marketing assistant.

If you are a writer and a Gaia GPS user looking for part-time work, send us a note at Besides writing up new features we release, you’ll also write articles about amazing outdoor destinations, other apps, how-to guides for backpackers, and all sorts of information that might be useful to prospective Gaia GPS users.… Read More »

Gaia Founders Married, 3 Years Ago Today

Anna and I co-founded Gaia GPS, eventually got married, and we’ve been married for 3 years today. You hear from me the most as spokesperson for the company, but Anna has always been the technical brains of the operation. I might never have gone backpacking if not for Anna, and I certainly wouldn’t have founded Gaia… Read More »

Moving to a New Blog

Welcome to the new blog or Gaia GPS. We decided to switch to a WordPress-based blog, because it became to time consuming and expensive to use our own hand-rolled bogging solution. Our old blog is still live and archived here. Using WordPress gives us all sorts of widgets like comment functionality, social sharing, search, and… Read More »