Canada Topo Maps Update

Last week, we did some work on the NRCan Canada vector topo map source, to make it fast and reliable.

Before, we were just “proxying” requests to a feed Canada provides, to turn their map data into the kind of data Gaia GPS likes, but this could be slow. Now, we made a cache on our own server, and Canadian users report things are snappy.

Screen Shot 2014-09-08 at 10.25.00 PM

All in all, Gaia GPS has several excellent map sources for Canada. These include:

  1. the imprecisely named US Topo source actually includes NRCan classic topo maps, north of the border
  2. you can also use the NRCan vector topo maps, which is the source we just improved
  3. there are three styles of OpenStreetMap topo – OpenHikingMap, OpenCycleMap, and OpenLandscapeMap
  4. MapQuest downloadable satellite imagery of Canada too
  5. and finally, MapBox satellite of Canada with a GaiaPro subscription

As far as Canada goes, Gaia GPS has about as complete a set of open data as can be assembled.