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About Andrew Johnson

Andrew founded Gaia GPS. He writes code and manages the business.

Drafting the App Store Preview Video for Gaia GPS

Apple recently started letting developers include 15-30 second “Preview” videos on the App Store. Check out the latest drafts of our video for Gaia GPS. Email us at and let us know what you think! We’re polishing this a bit more, and also putting together an iPad variant. You can also view an even earlier version of the video. We simplified this… Read More »

Bear leads a chase in Alaska, Gaia GPS shows the way home

We got an epic email into support today. We’re glad Gaia GPS helped in this precarious situation! My buddy and I were doing a bear hunt in south-central Alaska. We were in pretty extreme mountainous terrain than involved a horrendously thick multi-hour bushwhack to access. Basically, we pursued a brown bear much longer than we should have.  … Read More »